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How to buy Russian folk fabric

Here you can find all fabrics in Russian traditions. Click it.

Choose and add liked fabrics to the shopping cart. Note the amount of fabrics.
1 – 1 meter
2 – 2 meters
3 – 3 meters and etc

Price for 1 meter of fabric:
150Р – 2,5$
200Р – 3,5$
250Р – 4$
290Р – 4,7$
350Р – 6$

Shopping cart.
Choose the payment method PayPal (national payment method)
Fill in your contact information and press Pay.

PayPal system will convert currency automatically.

Payment for delivery is calculated and paid separately.
We will calculate it and send by e-mail you.

Estimated price for delivery (up to 1kg parcel) 15$

Or you can make your order by e-mail
Write the fabrics Vendor code (Артикул, 4 digits) and amount in meters.
We will calculate your order and send you all the information by e-mail.

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